Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Can Someone Please Explain...

...How this is not child abuse? Michael Jackson celebrates daughter Paris' 9th birthday by taking her to FAO Schwarz. Too bad she won't be able to see the actual birthday celebration, the toys, or anything for that matter since her head is wrapped in a black cloth. For some reason, I constantly find myself defending Michael Jackson, but this shit needs to stop. Pronto. I wonder what he tells her to make her comfortable with this madness.

MJ: Paris, come here sweet twinkleberry. I'm gonna put this dark, scary bag over your head so the bad people won't hurt you.

Paris: Why don't you have a bag on your head?

MJ: Paris, we've been over this. I'm made of magic. Magic you will never possess. Now put this bag over your head.

Paris: But I just want to play like all the other kids.

MJ: Playing will get your raped. Do you want to get raped? I mean, more so than you already are, by me.

Paris: No...

MJ: That's a good snuggle-muffin. NOW GET IN THE FUCKING BAG!!!

Someone needs to save that child. From the raping and from the bag. Do you have an alternate explanation for Michael's friggin insanity? By all means, enlighten me in the comments. If you'd like to see more of this poor child being blindly led to a party that she will not enjoy, go here.


ray said...

i think that perhaps michael needs to put the face mask over his face - dude is creepy.

ray said...

zing! i just had an interesting thought... maybe its was the little girl who insists on wearing the bag over her head - i would be a little embarrased if m.j. was my "dad"

Anonymous said...

Gay people need to decorate.

- Arnencé

Anonymous said...

Maybe Paris is dressed up for Halloween and grabbed a black bag instead of the Charlie Brown mask when she left the house. That is so embarrassing but really, who can say they haven't made the same mistake?

- Andrea

katt said...

Pfft. Disgusting, all of you. He simply covers the kids faces so they're not printed all over the internet and newspapers. People threaten to kill his children you know. When they were born there were fcking helicopters flying over his house. If people were literally stalking your kids like that, would you want to show their faces off to the world? I wouldn't. As for the comment about Michael raping Paris, shame on you! Fcking disgusting thing to say. He would never lay a finger on her. He thinks the world of her, and she adores him too. One day when those kids have grown up, they'll stand up in public and speak about their dad. And I can gurantee they'll speak the world of him. He's a good dad to those kids, and anyone who's been around him while he's with them has said that.