Thursday, April 26, 2007

BREAKING: Beckham now blonde

Holy muthafuckin shit. David Beckham bleached his hair. Did someone alert our troops overseas of this monumental occasion? I think this means we've won the war! We took to the streets to see what everyday celebrities, who are just like us - mind you, had to say about this:

Breakdancing fool Johnathon Lipnicki:

What happened to my youth?

Creepy Wax Statue of Justin Timberlake:

He looks so hottt! His hotttness is melting me! If I perish here, tell Posh to drizzle my hot, melted, waxy former fake self all over her newly bleached husband.

Just when you thought Marc Anthony couldn't look any more disgusting, movie poster (larger image here):

Aye! Who cares about his hair when you can come see our dumb movie! It promises to be worse than Gigli, yet unfortunately less offensive than Border Town

At least I think that's what the gross movie poster said. I don't really speak Mexican, so I can't be sure. What do you think of David Beckham's new hair? It made me literally crap my pants, although I'm not sure if that means it is good or bad.


mindy said...

I'm not a fan of the bleached blond David Beckham. Why did he go and mess with PERFECTION? If it ain't broke, don't fix it - ya know what I'm sayin'???

Anonymous said...

marc anthony isnt mexican....
and neither is the guy he is portraying