Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Black People are Heroes

This picture of an alleged Micheal Jordan grinding all up on some hos in Cabo San Lucas has been floating around the internet recently. I can't really tell if that's Jordan or not simply because he is black and therefore blends into any dark background, like a shadow. He's like the hero on Heroes that can disappear and reappear at any given time. There could be a black man grinding all up on me right now, and I would never know. Actually, I would know. My heart generally goes a'flutter whenever the invisible black man is near me. I can't explain it, it's just a special feeling I get in my she-bone. I'm sure you understand. Anyway...why does it matter if Jordan is getting his proverbial freak on? He is going through one of the costliest divorces in entertainment history, to the tune of $150 Million dollars. Jesus, let the man grind his pain away! Jordan, if you want to grind me from the shadows, or in the daylight, or in a church, wherever...feel free.

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