Thursday, April 5, 2007

Are you bored today?

Does your work allow you to watch videos? Would you rather remember the good old days of Michael Jackson than try to cope with the reality of this? Well, you are in luck! This blog has posted a 3-part video feature on the King of Pop. They have listed every music video ever made by the pop star & also included a short analysis on each. Dang. Go watch it, but don't forget to come back here. Here's a live version of 'Man in the Mirror'. My favorite part of this performance is towards the end when the backup singer walks over to Micheal, who is writhing on the floor. He helps him up, and Michael proceeds to twirl and jump and fall on the floor again. He don't need your help, backup singer! Know your place! And for the love of god, can someone turn his microphone back on? Did you hear the breakdown yet? I didn't either, it means the song is not done. Jesus...Make that change, y'all.


Jackie said...

Thanks for posting this! Im bored and I can watch videos here at work, and I like MJ songs as well.

Jackie said...

Oh, I see they left out the greatest Michael Jackson "video" OF ALL TIME!!

Jackie said...

Here is the link
Captain Eo

Anonymous said...

Michael J is so good. I won a picture of him at a carnival and it was pretty much my favorite piece of art in my room. Even though he is a perv, I still think he is pretty sweet.

- Andrea