Friday, March 2, 2007

What else do you expect from Bobby Brown?

In case you aren't following this (because you are racist and don't care about black celebrities) let me bring you up to speed. Bobby Brown spent 3 days in jail this week for failing to pay child support and his bail was set at $19K. Bobby Brown doesn't have $19,000! Bobby Brown probably doesn't have $19. A radio station, Hot 99.5 in DC, agreed to pay his bail in exchange for him appearing on their morning show for one week. Bobby said "Yeah...uh-huh...sure". They got him out, and then Bobby bailed on them! He's not doing that show! Are you crazy? Who the hell would give Bobby Brown anything, much less believe anything that fucker says? That's like giving a bottle of Whiskey to a homeless man to "hold on to" for you while you run into the store real quick. That homeless man will not be there when you come out, and Bobby Brown isn't going to be on your radio show no matter what he said. I don't know how a crack head can convince you of anything, Hot 99.5, but I surely do not feel bad for you at all. Way to go, Bobby!

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