Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The War at Shit

Dearest Readers,

I know we don't always see eye to eye on television shows (You say "Grey's Anatomy" I say "Piece of Shit"). But let us put our differences aside for a moment, and talk about a show so unbelievably awful, I would be shocked if anyone in this world actually liked it. I'm talking about FOX's The War at Home. This is a show that I've seen only once, yet the one time that I did see it, I was captivated by its unbelievable stupidity. I sat there, remote control extended at the TV, my hand yelling at my mind "EXTEND YOUR THUMB, BITCH! CHANGE THE CHANNEL IMMEDIATELY!", yet my mind was so in awe of this mind numbing piece of shit, that I think I watched about 15 whole minutes, which felt like 15,000 years. Between their sorry attempt at racial humor and the painful Michael Rapaport cutaways & narration, I think this show managed to make me infertile in the short time that I was exposed to it (which is probably a good thing, as I'm sure I'd severely neglect any children I accidentally had).

I used to kinda like you Michael Rapaport, now I am commanding anyone who will listen to bring me your head on a stick. That is how much I hate this show. While The War at Home awaits its fate (I swear to Christ FOX, if you cancelled Arrested Development and keep this piece of shit I will set your headquarters on fire), Michael Rapaport is exploring his options, scoring the male lead in the upcoming CBS show "Fugly". Anything has to be better than The War at Home. Now that I've successfuly commanded murder and threatened arson, my job is done here. Anyone else share my burning hatred for this show?

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Funkeemunky said...

oooh, man. I saw the pilot episode for this because they obviously put it in a good timeslot, and absolutely couldnt stand it, right off! I've refused to watch it sinc. man, I cant believe they still havent canceled it.