Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tori Spelling experiences generic joy

Here is a shocker! Tori Spelling is overjoyed with joy from being a new mommy! Holy Crap! She even documented her boring joy in her Myspace blog:

"He is my little angel baby and I had no idea you could love someone you've only known for 4 days this much. But, my heart is jumping out of my chest with love. Mommihood ROCKS!...I might be a biased mommy but he is so beautiful. I just stare in amazement. I can't believe I have been given this unbelievable gift...I feel like the luckiest girl in the world"

Just once, I would like someone to come out and say, "You know what...this baby thing...not so much. I thought I would like it, but I hate this stupid baby. Anyone want it? I'll be having another garage sale next month and the baby is up for grabs!" Maybe I'm feeling exceptionally angry today because I'm a bit under the weather, but reading Tori Spellings asinine commentary on Mommihood really enraged me. But she wins me back, everyday from 5pm-7pm when the repeats of 90210 air on the SOAP channel. Donna Martin, how I miss you.



Anonymous said...

Why do you hate babies so much? I am happy for Tori. Babies are a big life changing event. Way to be a mom Tori, way to be a buzzkill, girl #1.

- Andrea

mindy said...

"Mommihood" looks like "Mohammed" to me. So I was a little confused.

Adrienne said...

My friend, who just had her first baby in January, and I find girl#1's HUMOR about babies hilarious. When I went to visit her and the aforementioned baby a couple weeks ago, the first thing I did was give her a kiss and call her an a-hole

ray said...

babies is sweet.
tori is a not a cute pregnant lady. she looks sick. perhaps it is her lack of pregnancy clothing style, perhaps she is just infact gross.