Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Timbaland is a slave for Brit.

The mastermind behind such overplayed white girl tracks(but i still love em) such as, Promiscuous, Sexyback, and most recently the number one What Goes Around... wants to bring Britney into his coven of artists. But first he had to ask his downlow (refer to definition number 5) buttbuddy Justin Timberlake if it was okay. Justin replied in his pitched voice that it would be straight as long as she was serious! SERIOUS! And if she did get her work ethic back, you know all the white girls in the world will have a new anthem to dance horribly to.

EW reports that "Last year, Spears began working on a fifth studio album with an all-star team that included R&B singer-songwriter Ne-Yo (Beyoncé's ''Irreplaceable''), Dr. Luke (Kelly Clarkson's ''Since U Been Gone''), Sean Garrett (Usher's ''Yeah!''), Swedish producer Max Martin (''...Baby One More Time''), and Pharrell (''I'm a Slave 4 U''). Jive says the disc is about halfway done; an insider says it could be a year before the album is completed."

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