Wednesday, March 7, 2007

This is your homeless guy, NYC?

Here is Carmen Electra giving some change to a...beggar? That is what he must be, because that dude is NOT homeless...and he certainly does not need your change. I don't know what his dumbass sign says, but if this clean, shaven, decently-dressed, ska-hippie with his North Face backpack asked me for change, I would kick him in the face. There are people starving in New York (or at least with a more earnest need for booze) and this douche has the nerve to beg for change? I bet his sign says something like "Travis needs money for beer. Please give. Too artistic to work. THE WAR IS B.S. MAN!" and stupid Carmen Electra bends down and puts a quarter in his VENTI STARBUCKS CUP. Homeless people don't beg with a Starbucks cup. Jesus Christ, I have more respect for Mariah Carey posing with her homeless man than Carmen Electra and her fake homeless photo-op.


gdaysunshine said...

LMAO, great pics here - love your site!

ray said...

good call. that dude deserves a punch in the crotch.

Jellybean Sunshine said...

yo, that kid sits on 5th avenue around 5pm and i've seen him talk on his cell phone once. he is not poor.