Thursday, March 15, 2007

This is hard for me.

Dear readers,

I'm sorry for the lack of posts today. We've been through a lot, you and I. You've been with me through the good and the bad. You see baby, I was busy blogging...elsewhere. I know, I'm such a bitch, riiiight! I can't help it if I have the March Madness too! I promise it wont happen again until the next time someone asks me to be a guest on their blog. Then you better believe I'll sell out faster than you can say FLOAT ON. But for now, I'm all yours. see, there's this one other thing. I might not be here tomorrow. The Gay is celebrating a birthday and I will be traveling to Chicago tomorrow to celebrate with him. I'll be sure to get our weekly feature, "Blank or Not-A-Blank" up so you can occupy yourselves with that in our absence. Where will The Gay be, you ask? Well, he's surely out-gayed himself this time, as he will be traveling through 2 states to get some contact lenses for the weekend. Trust me, don't ask. Girl #2? She's been hanging out in one of those strange rent-a-hot-tub for an hour places...for the last week. We'll try to drag her pruned, chaldean ass out of there, but no promises (she likes the warmth of a shared hot tub, you know her kind is used to desert climates). So, we may disappoint you tomorrow. But, maybe not! You never know! So I suggest you come back here tomorrow, and often. You should also have your friends check the blog for you if you can't. Just saying. Also, now would be a great opportunity to give a most sincere THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who has ever read this blog. We are not sure why you keep coming back, but we are certainly happy about it. Thank you so much! I will be back for sure on Monday, but maybe tomorrow, but probably not...maybe. Until then, you should sing the karaoke song I have posted by the band named after the city I will be in tomorrow, and pretend I'm singing it to you.



candini said...

Happy Birthday, gay!!!

Al said...

We keep coming back cus you're funny, and you're hot!