Thursday, March 29, 2007

This image will forever haunt me

Last night's episode of ANTM caused me to react as if I was watching a horror movie. I wasn't as much scared as I was embarrased, but I reacted in the same way - by covering my face with my hands and peeking through my fingers. They dressed like dudes & had tranny girlfriends. You can check out the entire photoshoot here. But beware, you just may end up with Jael as mustached John Lennon permanently scarred into your brain as well. I guess this episode actually did scare me partly because I realized how much Dionne looks like Chris Rock & mostly because I think I'm starting to like Natasha. Just remember ladies of ANTM, when they say "Jump" you better say "Tyra you're the greatest and most beautifulest" - because when it is all said and done and you're crowned America's Next Top Model, it will all be worth it. Just look at past winner Naima:

Isn't she lovely, everyone? What did you think about last night's ANTM?


jambles said...

i am starting to like natasha as well...i pondered suicide when i came to the realization.

though i am happy diana is gone, i kind of wish sarah was kicked off though. she bothers me and i hate her. she looks like a retarded elf.

mindy said...

sarah is irritating as hell. natasha has grown on me as well...and the photo shoot was ridiculous on so many levels. i think they're stretching just a little bit for "new and exciting" content.