Monday, March 19, 2007

These two broke up

Yeah, you probably already heard or don't care, but Uma Thurman & Andre Balazs broke up again. Did you know that he is 50??? I didn't. He looks younger than she does! Ok, no he doesn't - but he doesn't look 50! This is sad only because it brings Uma closer to accepting the fact that she is going to end up with gross Quentin Tarantino whether she likes it or not. When she finally does accept this sad truth and settle for Tarantino, she will have to let him bust all over her feet every day, which I'm sure has to be one of the many reasons holding her back from just embracing her fate. Stay strong, Uma - there may be someone out there for you yet! Maybe it's this guy?

I honestly think I would take this guy over Quentin and his sick foot fetish any day.


1 comment:

mindy said...

Tarantino has a foot fetish? Whuh??