Monday, March 19, 2007

Theorem De Suri

If you ever caught yourself second guessing that Suri Cruise is Asian, look no further. Well actually, look a little further. Below you will see a picture of the littlest scientologist and her real mother, AsianKat, who escaped the realm of scientology for a mere moment to provide us with this rare photo opt.

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Look how Asian they are!!

Do Tom and Katie really think they can keep the secret of AsianKat and Suri hidden from America forever? Silly TomKat, dressing little Asian babies that you steal in Scottish jumper-kilts doesn't mean they won't grow up to be a doctor or mathematician so they can prove your dumb Scientology bullshit wrong... because we all know that Asians are geniuses.
. .

Suri will be smart.


ray said...

that kid is all sorts of creepy.

Anonymous said...

I agree the kid looks asian, like the little boy from The Grudge.

Also, aside from being Asian, don't you think that she still looks like Tom?

- Andrea