Thursday, March 22, 2007

Terrence Howard has a Fun Hole

Page Six ran this little gem today:

TERRENCE Howard has a good sense of humor. On the set of "The Brave One" - in which Jodie Foster seeks vengeance after a brutal attack - a prankster put a sign on Howard's back saying "Fun hole" with an arrow pointing south. "And he had it on for 30 minutes before he realized it was there," said an insider. "He then put it on the back of the person he thought did it." And these people get paid millions, plus free food.

This is clearly just Page Six's attempt to plug "The Brave One", but I really hope this actually happened. I'm going to try to incorporate "fun hole" into my conversations in at least 7 different ways today, and I suggest you do the same. Need help? Here's a sample conversation that you should try to have:

You: Oh hey, Sally - How's it going!

Sally: Not bad, what did you do last night?

You: Oh you know, I went to the bar, got fangled in the fun hole, the usual...

Sally: What?

You: Nothing...

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