Thursday, March 15, 2007

State of the Spears

While Britney Spears is feeding her addiction to cola, meeting her latest douchebag boyfriend in AA, and looking like everyone's favorite character from Star Wars, the good people at X17 have somehow found a helicopter, and are patrolling Spears' house from the sky. Thanks X17! I've always wanted to see blurry aerial shots of Britney's kids (one more thing to check off of the list of things to do before I die). I pray that once Britney makes her 2 day early exit from rehab for K-Fed's birthday, that the two black people who we can also blurrily see will continue to raise Britney's children. You know, I can't really see what is going on as far as the "raising" goes, but I'm positive that aside from SP sporting the "I'm a baby in only a diaper" white trash look, these two strangers are doing a much better job raising the tots than Spears ever will. Look at the picture! They are actually watching, or at least looking, at the kids! The only reason SP is only in diaper is because these two haven't had enough time with him yet. And SP&JJ both are destined to pretend that they are black later in life anyway (just like dear old dad), so why not let a couple black people have a say in how they are brought up? It's only fair. I suggest they file for legal adoption immediately, otherwise the future heirs to the Spears throne will be two worse versions of Daddy, and believe me, no one wants that.

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ray said...

im hoping britney gets out and goes crazy again. i like her a lot more when shes all trashy and out of her mind. i suppose it not real good for her kids when she is like that, but what can you do, im pretty sure they are already f-ed.