Monday, March 19, 2007

Slutty Baby Showers Rule

I would like to personally thank Mel B for taking her baby shower up a sexy notch. Baby showers are usually quite lame. A bunch of women sitting around sharing their boring pregnancy experiences, playing stupid games like "How many baby names can you make from the word 'MISTAKE'!", and forced "Ooohs!" and "Aaahs!" when mom-to-be gets another creepy Baby Eistein video, is not necessarily a fun time for me. No, I prefer Mel B's style of baby shower, which involves strippers and booze - and little else (what else do you need?). To all y'all preggos out there, take note. Your friends will have a much better time if your baby shower is like this, and it's a nice reminder of how the baby was probably concieved in the first place. However, I hope that is sparkling cider in Mel B's glass. Mel, I know you are angry at Eddie, but how's about we lay off the pre-natal child abuse as a way to get bact at him.