Tuesday, March 13, 2007


There are very few dudes in this world as amazing as Slash. Ageless thanks to his black mother, and as timeless as those creepy Anne Geddes babies, Slash continues to impress me (and continues to be the sole reason I pray for a GnR reunion). Sure, he's wearing a satin shirt, but he's managed to still squeeze into the same leather pants he wore in the 80's - CAN YOU DO THAT? No you can't. Why? Because you are not Slash. Honestly, name one other "rocker" that is still as great now as they were in the 80's. Sammy Hagar has always blown, so we can't use that example...but take Axel Rose:



It's really quite sad. He kept the big, probably filled with disease, sponge microphone, so that's a plus. But everything else is so wrong that I really try not to think about it. But Slash...Slash remains exactly how he was at his prime, and that gives me some hope for this crazy world. As long as Slash still rules, everything will end up okay. Once he starts hanging out with buckethead, all y'all gays better meet me in my basement, because the end times are upon us. I'll be sure to have 'November Rain' all cued up in my VCR. For now, please enjoy it here (and if you want to see a bunch of old has beens trying to look sweet at the Rock and Roll hall of fame induction, go here).


jambone said...

i love slash. i will one day find him and let him know how much i truly do love him.

i love you saul hudson.

Anonymous said...

jambone! i love it. girl #1, i will give you number one roommate status because of the sweet sweet nickname and sweet sweet news.

Anonymous said...

Umm.. there has been GnR reunions. In fact, I went to the concert. I saw Axel perform just as well as ever. He was amazing in fact. I was in the front row hanging over the railings (and being threatened by security). And where was slash?? Oh, thats right, NOT PERFORMING!