Monday, March 5, 2007

Should the Olsens commit suicide?

Here are the Olsen twins having the time of their lives, in Paris, where they are promoting their new fashion line.

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Is it me, or have these girls spent way too many years away from the warm embrace and shelter of Uncle Jesse's mullet?

Why the hell are they so sad? They made their first billion at an age before most people learn how to piss in the toilet... a skill which is irrelevant to them now because zombies don't normally have to use the bathroom. I say it needs to be a rule that if you are that rich, you just aren't allowed to be sad. Or at the very least, pretend you aren't completely miserable. But, seriously, was their education that minimal that they never had the chance to learn about the 7 other colors in a standard crayon box besides black? And I'm no fashion expert myself, but how exactly do you expect people to listen to you about fashion when you look like that. Today, we'll go with the LOTR's Golem cross dressed with Neo from the Matrix, and for Mary Kate, we'll throw in the Willie Nelson just for good measure.

Girls, you have lots of money.. please stop acting this way.. you had your own Gameboy game for crying out loud! Or better yet, just end it already and give me your money and I will be happy for you. If someone can explain these ungrateful skanks to me, let me know in the comments!

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Anonymous said...

They are creepy and scary. Are they gay. I would never be surprised if they committed suicide