Monday, March 12, 2007

Scarlett takes over where Avril left off

Since Avril Lavigne decided to get all girly there has been a void just dying to be filled. Who will be our fake punk princess now??? Well, lucky for all of us (except for you dudes who used to want to bone her) Scarlett Johansson has stepped up to the plate, nose ring and all, and decided to change her glam look into...this. While I think she didn't need to go fixing something that wasn't broken, I am happy that she made this decision, simply because she looks gross and that makes me feel better about myself.

EDIT: I was wondering if these photos were old. And it turns out that they are. Well, they are according to an anonymous commenter, which is good enough for me. I'm leaving this up anyway - because I am lazy (hence this going up in the first place without me really checking up on it), and because she does look gross, there's no denying that, and even if they are 5 year old photos - I'm still happy about her looking like an a-hole. Thanks Anonymous!


Anonymous said...

these photos are 5 years old they were taken when she was 17 and doing the press junket for the film 8 legged freaks

Anonymous said...

This is the guy that left the comment on Beyonce's nipple....the one that told you not to call her a ho. Why are you always hating on beautiful women? Scarlett looks awesome!