Friday, March 9, 2007

Reynolds & The Ass: New Couple?

Fresh off his breakup with Alanis, Ryan Reynolds makes a serious upgrade by going on a date with Jessica Biel. Apparently, she likes headbands, so I expect to see many-a-dude sporting this look in the near future. Judging from how many male bloggers get an e-boner from Jessica Biel's ass, I can't imagine this look would be "too gay" for a straight male if it meant that Jessica Biel would touch their real boner. Sports headbands don't count, unless they look as sweet as this.

A couple more pics here.


Anne said...

Ok, now this is a couple I can get behind. MUCH better choice, Ryan Reynolds! They could make beautiful B movies together.

Anonymous said...

Who dates Alanis? She probably doesn't shave her armpits. I don't know exactly what led me to believe this, but I do. If you don't shave your arm pits then fuck you.

- Andrea