Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Prince cops a feel

Looks like Prince William has got some splainin' to do to girlfriend, Kate Middleton. Check out the Prince playing booby grab below.

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Lucky for all of you who might care, and I don't imagine there are many, we have intercepted a letter written by the Prince, to Kate, explaining his behavior.

My Dearest Kate,

By now you have seen the photos of me completely man-handling that Brazilian's breast and you are probably waiting for an explanation. I'd like to blame alcohol for playing its part in this manner but that really wasn't it at all. I like boobs. I like to touch them and grab them and if I am given a chance to, I'm going to. I'm the freaking Prince of England and next in line to be KING. You don't think I'm entitled to breasts, even if they aren't property of Britain? Don't you see you will never fill the void in my life that was left by my mother's death anyway? The only thing that can fill that void is boobs. And touching them. I hope this wont interfere with our plans to get married as I sometimes enjoy touching your boobs as well. Sometimes its just more fun to touch a skinny Brazilian's instead. I hope we can move on. There's just one more thing. Now that I have explained myself, can you please explain this:
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Yours Truly,
Prince Booby-Pimp William



ray said...

good call - if i was him i would be grabbing boobs left and right.

Anonymous said...

kate sucks so much... if i could give william a hint: better take your free time and also look for a girlfriend not that jealous! and she cant be pregnant... thats bad... damn kate ho naff off we h8 you!!!