Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pharmy Party

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Of all the Hollywood poptarts, I want to hang out with Nicole Richie. Wherever she goes there seems to be a party. Pills, Pills, and more pills! You can get any LA doctor to prescribe you anything if you've been on the cover of a magazine. InTouch magazine is reporting that Nicole is abusing ADHD med, adderall to stay skinny and stay awake while filming the new season of the Simple Life. I can't fault Nicole for using adderall to stay skinny. It's actually "legal" if the prescription is in her name. I guess no more meth for Miss Richie. Adderall is very similar to cocaine in that it is speedy and keeps you going. I've even nicknamed it "diet coke." You have total control of concentration and can git 'er done.

fyi nicole, I hope you are taking the 20mg because too many of the blue 10mg make you poop green. But then again, you have nothing to poop. i take it back

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