Thursday, March 8, 2007

Perfection in White

Just when you thought you could sleep easy again, Star Jones is back with a new show on Court TV. Who the hell knows what this show is going to be about, all I know is, I'm looking forward to becoming an full fledged alcoholic again. Take one look at Star and then tell me you don't need to drink 3 bottles of wine before the bone crushing terror of the mere sight of her leaves you, and you can finally fall asleep again.

Her HAIR is even terrified of her! It's running for the back of her head!



Biz said...

She always looks like she's swallowing.

Anonymous said...

I will never understand how this bitch got so skinny...I mean, surgery, yeah, but still.

Anonymous said...

Her neck creeps me out. It looks like she is continuously suck in her gut. I hope some day if I need to lose 200 pounds I don't lose it all out of my neck like she did.

- Andrea

Janet said...

Her head is way to big for her body. It looks like during that surgery they just gave her a body transplant.