Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nipped and Tucked.

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Last season of Niptuck was a little zany and absurd. How could they go beyond the serial killing brother and sister team with two pussies between the two of them i just dont know. But they did with prostitutes, kidneys, and french madams oh my! Hopefully this season there are more emotional storylines. I think that was the problem with last was very out there but lacked major emotion for us to even care about Christian and his prostitute surgeon adopted baby mama.

The new season promises even better celeb guests such as Madonna (tranny surgery maybe) and Sandy Bullock...i dunno what they would fix with her. Maybe give her a personality. Is that possible?


Mitch said...

You hatin' on Sandy? WTF!

Jackie said...

I did not like the last season of N/T at all. It was getting silly and lame, and at times boring.

I was hoping with them moving to L.A., that the series would have been over, for I doubt they can do as well as the first and second season ever again.

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