Monday, March 26, 2007

Marc Anthony Necesitas Deodorante

Not that I think J-Lo is super great and amazing but I've still never been able to figure out why she ever married that sickness that is Marc Anthony. I was going to focus on how gross I thought he was and how J-Lo is crazy for ever being attracted to such hideousness... but I thought maybe, just once, I would stop and realize that he is part human just like everyone else, and everyone deserves to be loved by somebody. After all, if we prick him, will he not bleed? He lives, eats, sleeps, breathes and as evident below, sweats... a lot.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Maybe its standing next to his crazy latina wife that makes the sweat pour, but I'm thinking its the result of his mother screwing a wild animal and having its baby. Either way, you go J-Lo and Marc, I salute your bispecies relationship!


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Anonymous said...

That is not right. Last summer I was waiting at the secretary of state to get my address changed and this dude in silk pants sat up and his crack and junk was soaking wet. He also kind of smelled like moist cheese. That was sick too.
- Andrea