Monday, March 26, 2007

Less screen time for Julia, yes!

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"Ideally I like voice-over roles - as it's sans hair and make-up... I really enjoy them but in the future I can see myself really getting behind the camera and directing. It's much less stress and I think there is room for more women in this field." -- Julia Roberts

Great! She used to take all the roles reserved for hot chicks, she now wants to take the jobs of the ugly ones too? I used to love Julia but ever since she stole someone else's man to be hers, I have lost most of my respect for her. Seriousy, this bitch is such a party foul. So today, I leave you with one of my favorite songs of all time to jump start your day, by the self-proclaimed black Britney and no she is not heir to the nivea fortune,... Nivea ft. Jagged Edge- "Don't Mess With My Man."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wish she would take my man.

- Andrea