Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kirsten in London with new boyfriend

Tremendous joy! What is the first thing I happened upon when I cracked open the gossip realm today? This fine tale of a snaggletoothed ho named Kirsten Dunst chasing her hipster boyfriend (still this sick dude) back to London and has now made herself at home at his flat. Did you just hear what I said??? MADE HERSELF AT HOME! REJOICE! Kirsten Dunst may pull a Gwyneth and stay in London forever! LET THE SUNSHINE IN, INDEED! I could think of no better way to celebrate such magnificent news than to post the end credit sequence from The 40-Year-Old Virgin. I was excited about today when I heard it was going to be almost 80 degrees in the midwest. Now this? This is better than the day that daddy stopped locking me in the basement! Best Day Ever! Unless you live in London. If that's the case...sorry? The party gets started at 1:50 in this video. Feel free to flail your hands above your head and skip around your desk. We don't get news like this everyday.


jambles said...

driving on the ohio turnpike between toledo and cleveland there is a road called fangboner. everytime i pass fangboner i think of kirsten dunst. the end.

jambles said...

upon further reflection, i do believe you should give kirsten dunst a new nickname. and that nickname should be fangboner.