Friday, March 9, 2007

Khaldia on my mind...

After receiving several emails from some of our readers, it has been brought to my attention that very few people know much, if anything at all about my dear homeland of Khaldia. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not a Mexi. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Mexicanas, but there is a big difference between a liquor store and a bodega if ya know what I mean... and I'm not just talking about the 15 illegal immigrants that are living in the bodega's basement. Since all I've known my whole life is the ways of Khaldia, allow me to enlighten you with some of its history.

Many years ago, Asia kicked Khaldia out of its continent. No one knows why for sure, but I have heard several times it has something to do with not sharing curry recipes. Luckily, Khaldia, lead by its top scholar, Oiiley Ganoosh (the Capital is named after him) landed a prime spot not too far away from Iraq, where many of Khaldia's own have been said to have migrated from or at least at one point swam in a puddle of oil there. Khaldia also had the good fortune of relocating next to The United States. Khaldia made a deal with the US that the people, known today as Chaldeans, would be allowed in the country so long as they primarily migrated to one area (Detroit), dealt with being treated like savages accused of terrorism and crooks who rip people off, and as long as the only work they sought out was running liquor stores or gas stations. Oh America, thank you again for your wonderful offer. Below is a map of present day Khaldia and it has been enlarged for your viewing pleasure.
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My sweet Khaldia, isn't she a beaut? To learn more about the people of this fine land, go here or you may contact me directly for more information!

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