Tuesday, March 20, 2007

John Tucker Must Die!

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Oh Jesse Metcalf with the incredibly large pec implants thinks he's the shizzle. One of the worst things you can do is be rude to the staff at a night club. They can get your ass outta there. Tis why Monsieur Metcalf is backlisted out of popular West Hollywood hotspot at the Mondrian Hotel. After hard partying for four days, his desperate houseboy antics were no longer acceptable, so they gave his manboobs the boot forevs!


Jackie said...


I went to school with him, pretty much from kindergarder till 8th grade. Ive gotten quite a kick from him getting famous, as well as everyone else from the old hometown of Waterford, CT.

I watched Passions when he was on, and then I watched Desperate Housewives...and even though he isnt on anymore, I still watch incase he might pop up.

Supportin' my peeps!

Kamagra said...

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