Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Joel Madden lashes out at boobies.

Speaking of nipples, do you know where they live? On the boob! Do you know what Joel Madden likes to punch? BOOBS! At least that is what a female photographer is alleging. TMZ is reporting:

According to police sources, the woman claimed Madden struck her on the left breast "with the heel of his hand" as the rocker tried to escort his girlfriend, Nicole Richie, out of the back door of Mr. Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills. The photographer told TMZ that she has a welt to prove it, and had to see a doctor for treatment.

One paparazzi nip slip/bruised booby shot, coming right up! I barely consider Joel Madden a celebrity, even less so now that he is dating Nicole Richie. Someone should give his non-celebrity nipples a good twist for trying to be all Karate Kid on some chick's boob. Getting hit in the boob hurts, y'all!

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