Friday, March 9, 2007

Jared Leto: Douche or Not-A-Douche

I'm sure many of you are probably thinking, "WHAAA? JARED LETO? Obviously he is a DOUCHE!" But maybe some people don't think that, I don't know. Isn't that what we do this for? So, for once and for all - let us decide if Jared Leto is really the douchebag that we all know he is.

Let's just get this out of the way: Jared Leto played Jordan Catalano and while that doesn't mean that he was Jordan Catalano, it still gets him a lone vote of Not-A-Douche

Jared Leto is in a unbelievably terrible band called "30 Seconds to Shit", and even his fans won't catch his douchey ass when he attempts to stage dive. Douche

Jared Leto wants to take a baseball bat and smash your face in if you don't like his band. While I can respect his rage, I can't respect his band. Douche

There is an entire series of fat vs. skinny Leto pictures like the one pictured above, promoting the movie that allowed him to give his herp to Lindsay Lohan. One critic reviewed Chapter 27 by saying "It's like a feature-length version of De Niro's 'You talkin' to me' speech from Taxi Driver -- only without Scorsese, Schrader or De Niro." Regardless of how bad the movie is, I like these pictures because it makes Leto look like that creepy guy on the sex offender list that lives in my neighborhood. I also like this picture of a fat Leto doing a jig:

But not even that delightful jig can save Leto. Douche

I really think Jared Leto might be at least mildly retarded. He is always having unprovoked, life-threatening outbursts targeting anyone that is within arms reach at the time(including bloggers, what a douche). Besides us bloggers, no one seems to notice or care. It's like when the kid with tourettes starts screaming nonsense, and his mom just taps him on his head and gives everyone that "So Sorry...he doesn't know what he's saying" look. My argument for Leto's mental state is also strenghtened by this:

But, until it is confirmed by a doctor that there is something mentally wrong with him, he's still a DOUCHE (who am I kidding, I'll probably still make fun of him even if that was true)

I'm really doing this just to see if there is anything that can redeem this DOUCHE. Is there anyone in this world who thinks he's Not-A-Douche? If you like "30 Seconds to Mars", your opinions are not wanted here. Make your arguments for or for Leto's the comments!!!


Anne said...

No contest! SUCH A DOUCHE. I think he has moved on to my Most Hated Celebs list.

candini said...

confirmed douche... i think that last picture says it all. in fact, girl #2 should edit the picture to declare 'DOUCHE' across his forehead in eyeliner.

Jackie said...


Big time!

Jenn said...

i met him, he is as crazy as hell, and super drugged up. which is lame, so i'd def. go with douche.

cass said...


Anonymous said...

he played in lord of war, and fight club.

that should add a score to Not a douche, but overall the points towards DOUCHE are overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

what a load of shit

jared leto is legend

30 seconds to shit wtf

ur mouth is full of shit

30 secs happen to be an awesome band

and he is a great actor

hey nobody is perfect

why do ppl always look at faults

because he has alot going for him

plus he is over 15 films

and he band have releshed two albums and one of then im in the kerrang chart

sooooooooo HA!

so not a douche

even if u dnt now what that means

coz u probs dont

n what is with the pics


xxxx kisses for jared xxxx

Anonymous said...

Jared is the best actor in this fucking world!
And 30 seconds to Mars is a great band
so shut your mouth Babys

Anonymous said...

You don't have your facts straight. If you've ever been to any show, you would know that even if a fucking sumo wrestler jumped into the crowd, there's no way he would hit the floor. Besides, this guy walks ON the crowd during his performances. It's actually a pretty cool sight.

Anonymous said...

Douche or not, you're trying to get people's opinions. By saying "If you like "30 Seconds to Mars", your opinions are not wanted here," you're being extremely unfair. If you want an accurate view on everyone's opinions, like you claim to, then you wouldn't be so immature about this.

I know plenty of people who have spoken with Jared, and he was nothing but nice. He may not be the "best" actor or musician in the world, but he's pretty good from my stand point. Being crazy doesn't mean he's a douche.

Most people reserve that title for people like you.


Jessica said...

Oh boo hoo all of the Leto fans are getting their panties in a knot. He's a total douche!! I like him in movies, but as a person, NOT!

Anonymous said...

To the girl that comments about people meeting him and saying he's nice, either those people would've met him have met nothing but horrible people in their lives or they're mentally retarded. I've been Leto twice (I worked for two different rock venues) and he pushed me, kneed me in the back from the stage, threw a beer can at a security guard's head, all with no provocation and for no reason other than he felt like it. The crowd was actually chanting for someone to kick his ass. If you don't think he's a horrible person, do a search for three words: Jared. Leto. Douche. See what turns up.

Anonymous said...

haha you guys are stupid. There are more people that hate him than like him but i think its beautful to see jared taking up so much crap from people that dont even know him. Its funny actually...really it is.
Only jared can create so much hate in the world. Love that guy.
Hate him or love him.

Anonymous said...

Nah, alot of the stuff that people say about him, and most other celbrities for that matter, were made by people like you, who told reporters, and amidst all other evidence, was published because it made the most interesting story and let's face it, when someone is pretty, talented and nice (most of the time, geese is no one allowed to get mad once in a while? If YOU do, do people make hate-blogs about YOU? Just think about that, alright?), then the world needs to know that something is wrong with him. So this happens. Meh. He has enough fans not to give a crap, really.

Eddie said...

Ah as a former worshipper of Jordan Catelano... I would LOVE to say that Jared Leto is not a douche. But unfortunately, I must agree that all signs point to the conclusion that he is one big, retarded Douche. He tries way too hard... to be an above average actor, a soft core rocker, and a semi-interesting celebrity in general. This is certainly a case where he would have been SO better off living his life as his breakthrough role. Bring back Jordan!

Anonymous said...

To me i say he isnt a douche cus he still cares bout his family and does charity stuff! i would delcaire him a douche if he did something worse then what he does now! he is so not a douche but he is coming kinda close to it....hopefully he will change

Anonymous said...

you are all crazy for believing the lies. There are some sick people out there who think it is ok to make things up about people. Some bloggers are seriously disturbed!!! Just want to create hate and negativity. Grow up and get a life Amen.

Anonymous said...

Welllll, he's never really done something actually douche-y other then wearing eye-liner and girly clothes.... But tons of guys do that these days. I mean, he's no Jon Gosselin that's for sure. I don't really see anything he's done wrong....
And, he's in some great movies. Sure, he's not that great at making music but his voice isn't that bad either.
I say, not a douche. There aren't real douche-like qualities in him.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually really suprised that there are so many rumours about Jared Leto being a douche.I cannot find a single one story about him being a douche from other pages than bloggers which I personally do not much like.Aren't bloggers just people trying to become famous by writing shit about celebrities?Aren't bloggers just people with no talents?Aren't bloggers just SO jealous of people with talents?But that's just my opinion.Personally I really like 30stm becouse the lyrics are great,the music is great and Jared is an awesome singer,songwriter and guitar player.I also like Jared Leto as an actor in some of his movies,not all of them.But I do not know him as a person and I don't think that many people writing shit about him (or other celebrities) do know him.I personally feel bad for many celebrities,the ones who became famous becouse of talent.I don't think that many of them wanted fame,they just wanted to do that for a living.Writing blogs and insulting celebrities to become famous is very sad.

Anonymous said...

Jared Leto is very talented. He had written so many inspirational songs and people just to appreciate how good he is as an artist. He is not out there to please everybody, comm'n! He could be eccentric in most ways but that it was you call individuality!

Anonymous said...

Jared Leto is a person. Yes, maybe he has done some awful things at rock venues etc.....but it doesn't necessarily mean he is always an awful person. He is HUMAN. WE are HUMAN. I believe he does have compassion for certain things.... but he is not a bad person. I LIKE his band okay? And they are so much better than the crappy music nowadays. So everyone just shut the fuck up. Besides how can you even judge who he is without even meeting him first? And even then, do you even really know who he is? Yeah exactly. Just quit the shit people.
Peace out.

Aideen said...

He is nearly 40 and wearing eyeliner!!....this makes him a douche in my book. This blog is so funny because its all true!

Aideen said...

Of course he is a douche, he is nearly 40 and wearing eyeliner!I dont think we need to say more

stacy said...

Oh, my word! Douche is such a stupid word. I love 30 STM! I think the eyeliner and black polish are sexy. And since when is being your own unique self retarded? I've been labeled as a weird emo girl and I say things that freak people on a daily basis. I wear black polish, and have nine piercings but I feel things deeply and shouldn't be judged on how I look. I wear what feels comfortable to me. I don't conform to this stupid society. Does that make me retarded? No. Actually, I'm a published novelist and songwriter and I really respect Jared's lyrics. He's very talented. People who always have crappy things to say about others are jealous and insecure. No one's perfect. Why is Jared not allowed to get mad? Sometimes I feel like more than just throwing a can at someone. Sometimes I feel like throwing a brick. We aren't human if we don't feel different emotions. We love, hate, get angry, cry. Why should Jared be ridiculed for feeling these deeper than some? Listen to his lyrics. NOT A DOUCHE. I wonder if Jared reads these and laughs his cute butt off. I know I did.

Anonymous said...

Not a douche. Me and my mom met him at a coffee shop and he totally shot the shit with us. He was really cool. I admit though,all I kept thinking was "Wow, he's not a douche?"

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt say douche...although he does come off as a bit full of himself in person...God, maybe I just don't WANT him to be a douche because I think he's hot and it would be a bad reflection on me...

casey said...

I hate people who think he is a douche its stupid and eveybody knows there just jealous Jared is gorgous,has a great voice,can act ,has a sense of humour and is rich so the maker of this blog is an idiot and you should know whle you were writing this blog he was probably on stage singing his heart out to hundreds of his fans
i personally am a memeber of the echelon and i love thirty seconds to mars he is an amazing man and 100% not a douche

Anonymous said...

All of you guys who think Jared is a douche are complete idiots I have met the man he was nice and funny and that guy who said the crowd was yelling to kick his arse that is obviously a lie cause I've been to there concert six times and I haven't heard anybody shout anything but
Whoo I love you

Jared your so fit

And so on mars are a great band Jared is a nice man and all these rumors you guys are talking about is just crap made up from old mars fans that Leto didn't notice so they go angry and pissed and lied and thought hey if I write a blog more people will come to hate him and we can have a huge bitching session wooo
Seriously though I have met him and I am a huge fan I was so nerves to meet him I was shaking and he hugged me oh I tell you what that has douchebag written all over it idiots
And just so you know every hater has some people agreeing with them but every mars fan has the whole echelon (mars fan cult) behind them so you are never gonna win

Natalie said...

If you haven't spent a fucking day with him them stfu. You people are obviously shallow minded.Grow the f*ck up. 30stm has enough f*cking fans to be nominated at given awards so they're obviously not shit.They f*ckin rock so go suck a d*ck douchebags.

Anonymous said...

come ass girls like his music ok....fucking stupid little girls that want to suck his cock ok. his music is for faggots and stupid girls. he sings emo shit, its garbage....and anyone who likes that shit is a fucking faggot point blank. he wears eyeliner and makeup and shit...LMAO what a fucking polesmoker. nobody likes it but stupid little bitches, and if your a guy and you like this then you are automatically a fucking faggot. where are guys who like this music huh???? oh right theyre all fucking gay....jared leto-DOUCHE!

******* said...

I was infuriated when my girlfriend used one of their songs in a project for school, then said I don't like any of their music...It's all a lie, I'm not stupid...the shit pisses me off, that is not good music, it's gay ass emo bullshit and I can't stop thinking about it. I know she does like their music and that makes me so mad...even though we fought and fought about it and she cried millions of times to me saying that she just used it cause it went good with the project.....*SIGH* I don't know if I'm slowly going insane or what. I mean we've been together such a long time then I found out that she was interested in 30 Seconds to Mars I just feel so unattracted to her....I know that's a little wrong but come on seriously, it sucks to be a guy and all this gay ass music coming out and your girlfriend uses it in a project....She doesn't understand that liking that band is like me liking some whore girl singer like britney spears or something. It never occured to her that I wouldn't like her listening to that shit where millions of little dumbass girls drool over them....and I can't get away from it, I will always remember what she kept doing and saying about it like: "idk i thought a couple of their songs on the radio a long time ago were 'okay'" and she was defending them saying "their not emo" when I was bashing them.....I feel sick I really do, this piece of shit band is really ruining my life, making me regret being with my girlfriend, it's coming to the point where I won't be able to fake it anymore around her, I wish she didn't like them...and she will cry and beg me to stay with her because she says she doesn't like them...
I love her, but I despise her music taste. We use to listen to the radio in the car, but I've lost all taste for music in general and life has become dull for me....I fill it with other activities but I still get this pain in the back of my head that says....she use to like them, and maybe she still does....FUCK ME, makes me want to kill myself with a note attached saying this is your fault bitch, why did you do this to's just bringing me down so we were going to go to a concert with her family at universal studios this year...well were fighting cause I'm like fuck that shit I'm not going. She claimed she didn't want to go either, so the day of I made an excuse saying I had to take a final exam. I was waiting for her in the car, we were about to leave, and who comes to my car? Her fucking dad, trying to say shit like is their any way I can get you to go, like skip the test and come. The dude was offering me a full tank of gas and shit if I would just go...I was so angry because I didn't want to go that I said no I can't skip or I will fail the class. Then he says...."well it was a suprise for *****".....that right there put one of the last nails in the coffin for me...she came out and we left, then I told her what her dad said and she got all defensive saying they were the ones who wanted to go blah blah blah....

******* said...

I just know like....deep down inside that she wanted to go and that she really does like that band...I don't know what I'm going to do, our relationship seems fine otherwise, except we don't listen to the radio in my car and I can't go a day without thinking of her liking that band and it breaking my heart....I thought we shared the same everything...atleast you want to believe that. So here I am....constantly raped by that idea that she thinks they are cool and their music is good....I wish that she never did like them....but I can't get away from this...she said things I will never forget and she defended them saying they weren't emo and everything. Why would someone do that unless they really did like them? IDK but I feel like one day I'm just going to disappear from her so she can't find me, then she can fucking regret using their music in her gay little project, she will see that liking their band wasn't cool and why the fuck would I think that they are good, they suck....the music is actually for little girls and 40 year old lady's not my fucking girlfriend.....I think I hate her a little bit for that....It's been almost a year since we had really really bad fights about this, I told her if she likes that shit then I don't want her. I told her she is gay so many times, I guess she really loves me because I abused her so much with harsh words. I don't know if I will ever be okay's not fair. Let this be a lesson to girls who like that music, no guy will ever like you...they just pretend....they just fake it, but deep down they are disgusted with you like I am with her.

Anonymous said...

Fucking hell! I just read down through all those comments, and have come to the conclusion that the majority of you are nothing but judgemental assholes. Who the fuck are you to call him a douchebag? Jealousy is such a nasty thing to have. Who are you to say that 30 Seconds To Mars fans are emo teenage girls? WRONG. I'm 22 years old and have been to see them, the way Jared's face lights up when his fans, family, sing his songs back to him is just amazing. If you actually listened to his lyrics, I guarantee you'd find them inspirational. To the person who said he was up himself, would you not be too if you were him? 30 Seconds To Mars are about to finish their TIW tour, over 300 shows, if you call that a douchey thing to do, your fucked in the head. A normal person would call that dedication to their music. He's an intriguing person, who seems to really fucking care about his fans. Stop being so fucking narrow-minded and come back to me when you're perfect.

Anonymous said...

Dear "*******",

You're a cunt. That is all.

Austin said...

Jared Leto is a creepy douche.
His "mars army" or whatever the fuck its called bullshit? Fuckin CREEEPY. I feel like he is a potential Charles Manson. He has developed such a close following of pathetic no lifes that if he were to say "go kill your mom", I garun-fucking-tee that those mofos would actually kill their mother. The fact is that Jared Leto is a failed actor turned singer. He has one or two good movies and then he takes his acting career into his super cinematic bullshit music videos. He wants to draw as much attention as he can to himself so he hides these "messages" in his music videos thinking that he can make people think he has some grasp on wisdom we do not have.....BULLSHIT...what a super douche. All this being said, I like a decent ammount of his songs...for the music. Not his gay videos, not his douchbag guyliner, not his creepy fucking cult, but his music is actually pretty good in some sense. Albiet many songs are sucky, he does have a good ammount of songs I will listen to. Overall though, my vote as Jared Leto as a person, SUPER UNBELIEVABLY IF HE COULD BE ANY BIGGER OF ONE HE WOULD START CALLING HIMSELF A DOOUCHEBAG FOR SOME GAY UNKNOWN DOUCHY REASON D-O-U-C-H-B-A-G!!!!!! (oh and half of you gay as mars army faggots that commented here really need to learn how to spell and eloquently write your ideas. for christ's sake my 6 year old next door neighbor can write better than you creepy fags...and yes this means you are all also douchebags) Thanks! ;) (oh and Jared if you read this (because you are a creepy douche who would look himself up in blogs)and wanna come at me because I am a "hater", bring it bitch...I will drop you faster than Brittney Spears dropped her baby, mother fucker.

Austin said...

Oh...and most of you "haters" on this blog reel need to learn how to write ideas that come across some what intellectual, unless you actually are scummy, trashy, douchebags who are hippocrates. You yourselves are huge douches for just typing down the first swear word you could think of and then giggling about it like a 5 year old who said "ass" for the first time. Have some self respect douchebags...

Anonymous said...

******** you are a bigger douchebag than Jared Leto if you break up with your girlfriend that you say you love over a band. You are in fact the bitchiest, snobiest, fucked up individual on this blog and possibly in the country. Jared Leto should look to you for douchebag guidance. Like really, you have no idea how much I want to hit you. You are a pathetic whiny controlling bitch and if you and Jared Leto were standing next to each other I would rather knock you out believe it or not. It surprises me that there is someone in the world I want to hit more than Jared Leto. However you sir are absolutely pathetic and need to get over yourself you faggot.

Anonymous said...

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maellejaja said...

30 seconds to mars est un groupe super !!!! Jared gay ou pas ? on s'en fou !!! il est trop sexy c'est un super acteur et chanteur alors fuck :echelon<3:

maellejaja said...,r:34,s:279,i:111 Il est pas gay !!! bande de con ne critiquer meme pas 30STM !!

maellejaja said...,r:34,s:279,i:111 Il est pas gay !!! bande de con ne critiquer meme pas 30STM !!

Anonymous said...

People hate bloggers for writing things just like this.

Anonymous said...

I know this is 2 years late but anyway, the band that he is in is my favourite one, however I think with him you have to consider him as a person and performer, separately. I think he's a great singer, actor and all the rest of it, but personality wise? Not so much. He radiates douche, and this is coming from a fan.

Anonymous said...

Shit, *5 years

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