Thursday, March 8, 2007

It's really a lose-lose situation.

The NY Daily News reports during the drunken tirade Brandon Davis put on at Paris Hilton's recent birthday bash, he slurred racist and sexual remarks towards Paula Abdul. Apparently he was harassing Paula about her middle eastern heritage and even began speaking in Arabic gibberish, causing the American Idol judge to leave... don't worry, she still got drunk. Oddly enough, Davis is part terrorist too. He uses his mother's maiden name, Davis, instead of his father, Nebil Zarif's name. Someone should tell Brandon Davis looking like a cousin of Saddam Hussein
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and still being linked to oil even after you denounce your father's name doesn't mean people won't know this about you, unless they are blind.
Being from Khaldia though, this situation is very troubling for reasons beyond Davis' idiotic, practically self-racist attack. Not only do we have to be associated with all the terrorists in the world, but now we have to also be reminded that we are all also related to both Paula Abdul and Brandon Davis. Sure, the racism is wrong, that sucks too, but its not even worth getting mad about. Do we really want to defend this
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I know we can be bad people sometimes but the sad representation is really getting to be unfair. I mean, throw in Tony Shaloub in the discussion and I'm strapping the bomb to myself. Fo reals.

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