Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It makes perfect sense now

If all Asians look the same (and they do), Angelina Jolie has just stepped her stealth mode up a notch. If it weren't for those red shoes, I would have no idea which child she was lovingly carrying onto the plane, and which child has been tossed aside into the arms of some old white guy. But wait -- she could have put Pax's delightful red shoes on the now forsaken Maddox and pulled a total mindfreak on us! Angelina! Why must you always be one step ahead!! Thank God for People Magazine who will have little Paxton on the cover this week. Now I can analyze him and never be fooled again by the trickery of the Jolie clan! If you just crapped your pants out of excitement and want a little taste now, go here and see how some crooked red sunglasses and a backwards hat can make you go from poverty to HOTTT-er-ty?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Angelina is out of control with the baby collection she is working on. She needs to stop taking other people's children and make some more of her own. Shiloh is way sexier than all three of the other kids put together.

- Andrea