Tuesday, March 20, 2007

In no way is this surprising

Here is Janice Dickinson acting a fool at LA fashion week. Let's officially add "Janice Dickinson doing anything" to the list of things I never need to see again. Here's the rest of the list so far:

1) Britney's Vagina
2) Lindsay's Vagina
3) Paris' Vagina - or Paris doing anything
4) Brandon Davis & his brother doing anything
5) almost every mash up ever created
6) The War at Home
7) People with lazy eyes (see #3)
8) Taco Bell's that are closed at 3am - or ever.
9) Mexican babies (just the babies)
10) Blind people

Hmmm...That's all I got for right now...feel free to add to this list in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Mexicans I understand, but Mexican babies aren't fucked yet. It feels like a harsh generalization to hate the innocent children. It isn't their fault their parents are Mexicans.

- Andrea

Anonymous said...

Don't be afraid to call a baby an a-hole!

ray said...

blind people, ehhh? what about if they are blind because of a crazy accident, like their eyes just all the sudden fell out of their heads. i think that would be worth mentioning, or at least a picture of a person with empty eye sockets.