Thursday, March 1, 2007

I think I'm over it.

I'm over American Idol. This is not official yet, but I'm pretty close. I didn't watch any of it last night, because America's Next Top Model was on, and it's not worth tivo-ing, which I think means I'm done with Idol this year. And in record time, no less! Usually it takes a few more shows for me to lose interest. For those of you still interested, I guess Simon Cowell has chimed in on Barba-gate 2007. He be all:

"I think it's disgraceful that so-called friends would sell these pictures," he told PEOPLE at a Playboy Mansion party for the E! show The Girls Next Door and the launch of the new Ryan Seacrest-produced reality series Paradise City. "It's private property. I really, really have a problem with that – big problem." (Barba pal – and fellow auditioner – Amanda Coluccio has insisted that the most X-rated of the bunch aren't her friend.)

Simon has a "problem with it" because he is already rich. A word to my friends: If any of you join the cast of any sort of reality tv show, you better believe I will sell any and all pictures I have of you. Consider this your warning. They could offer me $5 and a 6-pack and I would take it (Christy Phlomkin - I'm talking to you. You know I still have those pictures of you, a horse, and a cheeseburger. Think twice before you try out for that Pussycat Doll show, SLUT!). You know that it was Amanda Coluccio that sold those photos anyway. She was just trying to cash in on the fame any way that she could, so she ho'ed out her friend. That's how they roll in Jersey. I wish Amanda would have made it over Antonella, though. You know Amanda has crazy DP pictures floating around somewhere. Antonella should sell those to the media and get her revenge!

While we all are anxiously awaiting the great ANTM recap on Four Four, let me just say that I am so excited for this season! I already hate so many of them, and there has only been one episode! If I had to pick a number one most hated (and I know it's early) it would definitely be that dumb bitch from Detroit. First we have all that dead dog rapin' in Michigan, and now this is who is representing us??

Girl, you are supposedly from Detroit. Why are you trying to be friends with everyone? You are supposed to be trying to kill everyone. Represent, bitch! I was disappointed that Kathleen's annoying ass was kicked off already, but thankfully she left us with one of the best moment's from judging - EVER. I've never seen anyone so willingly, and unabashedly admitting how little intelligence they have. It was great!

I could go on and on about ANTM, but I'll spare you. What are your thoughts on Idol/ANTM and what the hell, let's throw LOST in there too. I think they won me over again last night with the Hurley episode, but this late time slot is killing me. I should not start drinking immediately after work...on Wednesdays. Only on Wednesdays.

EDIT: Apparently it is not a coincidence that I chose to talk about Antonella and that ho from Detroit in the same post, as Cityrag just posted some NSFW nudes of Jael. Her naked body looks all weird to me, although I do appreciate the "walking around naked in the streets" photo, as well as the "I think I lost my keys in my vagina, let me reach WAY up in there and see" shot.

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