Thursday, March 1, 2007

I choose me

Here is Britney out on the town on her first supervised trip out of the 'hab. You know she is effed if she needs supervised visits. I mean, they let Lohan out on her own. Let's see what we can find out about rehab based on the picture above. They are clearly terrified that Britney will try to spring into oncoming traffic again, judging from the "supervisor's" tight grip on Ms. Spears' arm. Although the wig is tucked into a hat, we can see that the selection of wigs in rehab is far superior to that blonde thing that Brit was wearing on her hair before she was committed admitted. Britney is wearing her wedding ring again, but don't fear - I'm sure it just symbolizes her being committed to herself - or some dumb "Kelly on 90210 when Brandon & Dylan proposed to her at the same time" shit. But most importantly, this picture shows me that rehab rules. It's just like High School! And as much of us like to bitch and whine about how much High School sucked - get over it. High School was awesome. You didn't really have to do anything, and you got the summer off. Unfortunately, Britney is choosing to truly relive her High School moments by drawing dumb shit all over her hands, dressing unbelievably poorly, and carrying some kind of metallic blue pencil case (I truly have no idea what else that could be). Britney has not been completely broken yet. She's definitely still got that "I'm completely insane!!!" look in her eyes. Continue to hold on for dear life, "Supervisor" - if she was let loose at this fragile stage, there's no telling what she could do.



Anonymous said...

Britney's drawn on index finger ring is lame. I could totally draw a like a bad ass 10 carat or something sweet...and I will.

- Andrea

Anne said...

Oh dear. Is that a belly-baring turtleneck?

Anonymous said...

i think she forgot to tear the sales tag string off of her belt