Tuesday, March 6, 2007

"How to be Awesome" by Kirsten Dunst

1. Wear a bikini.

2. Hold up book by UFO loving pot head, Carl Sagan.

3. Flip off Paparazzi, to show that you don't give an EFF.

4. Do all of this behind a fatty, so you are sure to look awesome.

5. Ever so carefully adjust book so we can see your fug face, but hold book near face so we can still see that you are "smart" and "above all this hollywood bullshit".

6. Smoke a cigarette, to show that you don't give an EFF.

7. Do all of this by wearing your white sunglasses, because they are OMG!OMG!OMG! SO the IT item of the summer!


Anonymous said...

Carl Sagan - UFO Loving Pot Head?

Where did you grow up - in a padded cell?

Grow up and dont let your ignorance show - it's ugly

as I suspect you are inside

kamagra said...

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Anonymous said...

So, you can possibly look smart while dissing a book based completely on fact? Considering that "you don't give an EFF" about it, how can you look smart and bash the book at the same time?