Monday, March 26, 2007

The Homeless have Cell Phones?

That's not a homeless! Sadly, that is none other than Lauryn Hill, who I love and am saddened to see in such a disheveled state. I prefer the church robe/high wasted pants & half shirt look to the windbreaker look she is sporting now, but regardless - it's good to see her out & about! Now make some music!! Until then, I will continue to religiously watch the greatest movie of all time, Sister Act 2.

a couple more pics at the source.


Jackie said...

I just love Sister Acts Joyful Joyful, because it is so god damn "1993" is almost hurts to watch.

But it hurts so good.

Anonymous said...

your shit talk about L Boogie almost got you shanked but, the clip of SA2 has saved your life. watch your step Girl #1.

jigga the nigga

Anonymous said...

Lauryn is singing/raping again, actually!

You can find her on the newest album from "the bitch without shoes", - Joss Stone

And here we go:

- Arnencé (