Tuesday, March 6, 2007

He loves the bulge.

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Page Six Reports:
A shopper in Bloomingdale's underwear department recently watched the "Brokeback Mountain" star with a salesman "combing through every style . . . A good 10 minutes later, Jake was still at it . . . holding up a pair of tight white briefs that he'd pulled out of the package to examine, as if he'd never seen tighty whities before in his entire life. It was hilarious. He looked very confused and had a furrowed brow . . . He was examining undies like an anthropologist in the city's most highly trafficked department store."

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Oh Jakeypoo, I'll help you find the perfect fit for your nice nice nice package. Seeing as you curve to the right, briefs will be perfect to help you slide back to center. I would love to see you in any of the above pair. And the butt pads just for fun. The skimpier the better.

Heart always,

the gay


Greeno Jen said...

First time to come to your BLOG,I like it and support you!

You are so funny! :)

Happy Everyday!

Greeno In Beijing

Anonymous said...

Yum.... I would love to get me some Jake.

nic said...

Saw Zodiac last night, was good entertainment. Jake is great BUT that picture of him with those low slung trousers is one of the hottest things I've ever seen...Thanks, Gay!

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