Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Okay. I'm sorry Lourdes, but something needs to be said about those brows. We all knew they were bad, but...JESUS. I think that allowing your child to walk around like that is a form of child abuse, much like having your nanny palm little David's face. Madonna's kids are gonna be all sorts of screwed up. Someone get Lourdes some tweezers before the hair takes on a mind of its own and fully covers her entire nose. I don't even want to know what's wrong with David if they are covering his face up like that.


Anonymous said...

Are you dumb? The reason why the nanny do that is becasue to protect his eyes from flash. DUH!

Adrienne said...

Girl #1:
My morning was crap. It was all I could do to careen off the road on the way to work this morning. Then there was this dog...nothing like Ms. Ray, but he got my shoes muddy. Anyway, you made me laugh out loud this morning. Eyebrows, Ska-hobos, Naomi, ahhhh you were at your best this morning. I'm still smiling. Thanks.
And to think I was going to give gossip blogs up for lent! Sheesh!

the gay said...

yes girl #1 is mildy retarded