Friday, March 30, 2007

Fergie: Dude or Not-A-Dude

A big thanks to my roommate Rachel for suggesting this one, as I'm sure it's something that we've all been wondering for quite some time. Fergie - is she a straight up dude, or just some kind of jacked up lady? Do you have a suggestion for 'Blank or Not-A-Blank'? You don't have to live with me to let us know. Shoot us an email at Let's get it started:

Fergie just admitted that the stain you see in the photo above is, in fact, her own urine. Fergie, you is sick. But if Pampers commercials ever taught me anything, it's that Boys get wet in front, and Girls get wet in back when they piss themselves. Now, that picture above certainly looks like she is wet in front, but then I saw this and realized that she just pissed all over herself. The rules of humans do not apply to this dutchess. Regardless, I'm still going with Dude.

Fergie is boning Josh Duhamel. I hope that means that she is just a jacked up lady and he is not gay, but I don't know if I'd want him anyway now that he's been all up in the pee monster. Not-A-Dude

Fergie goes to great pain to try to trick people into thinking that she's a hot chick. Lucky for us, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. Dude

Aside from having a horrible sense of fashion, Fergie's also got abs like a dude. Granted, her abs aren't as dude-ish as Pink's, but I definitely see a little bit of the man V on Fergie Ferg. Dude

Is it really necessary to continue with this? She's obviously a Dude. Come on, Fergie, just tell us you're a dude! It would not shock or surprise anyone, promise. Am I wrong here? Let me know what you think about this, in the comments!


Jellybean Sunshine said...

she is so gross

ray said...

dude. fergie has balls. whether she has a wang or an in-and-out box is debatable - but "she" definitely has balls

Jackie said...

Total DUDE!!

jamBONE said...


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