Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Exclusive! TGG interviews Halle Berry

Even though we are a relatively new blog, we had the incredible opprotunity to sit down and interview Halle Berry in my mind. Like to hear it? Here it go:

Girl #1: Hi, Halle Berry! Glad to see you check the blog frequently and tell all of your friends to do the same. I hear you have a new movie out called 'Perfect Stranger'. Would that happen to be a remake of the phenomenal television series "Perfect Strangers", and if so, will you be reprising the role of everyones favorite foreigner, Balki Bartokomous?

Halle Berry: Unfortunately no, that is not the movie that I'm in although that sounds much better than "Perfect Stranger", which is singular and the movie I'm starring in.

Girl #1: Buzzkill. What's that movie about?

Halle Berry: I play Ro, and I go undercover to find out who straight up murdered my friend. I get caught up in a bunch of lies on the internet, and then I get boned. Then me and the dude that bones me get in a fight to the death, and I come out victorious, and having learned many life lessons.

Girl #1: Wow, that sounds really shitty.

Halle Berry: It is. Incredibly shitty, actually. But it's hard out here for an Oscar winner, and I'm going to be doing something that's even closer to soft-core porn unless you go see it.

Girl #1: Hmmm...I'll pass.

Halle Berry: Does this change your mind?

Girl #1: Please honey, I've got more ass than that and I'm only black in my heart. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Halle Berry: What about this?

Girl #1: Jesus Christ. Those breasts are captivatingly magnificent. While I am not sexually aroused, I am incredibly jealous, and am again reminded of why you are an Oscar winner. I will go see your boobs...I mean movie, Halle Berry. Now put them away, you can't run around giving that shit away for free.

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Anonymous said...

Another movie set to open this April is Fracture starring Ryan Golsing and Anthony Hopkins. I can't promise that it will be good but I can promise that it will make your seat wet.

- Andrea