Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dunst to reprise 'Arnie' role... by being herself!

Remember when Leo almost snagged an Oscar playing Johnny Depps' retarded brother, Arnie, in the movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape? (Remember when the gigantic mother in the movie answered the title question by shouting, "ME! I'm eating Gilbert Grape"? No? That's because I made that part up).
Anyway, apparently Kirsten Dunst has decided she can play a retard just as well as anybody. And boy, is she right!
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Unfortunately for her, its not for a movie role and she's not just playing...


ray said...

way to be, bitch is a tard.

Anonymous said...

What's Eating Gilbert Grape is such a good movie..... Leonardo D. is still hot even playing a tard and having shit smeared over his face. Is it illegal to date a tard?

- Andrea

Jackie said...

"Whats eating Gilbert Gilbert Grape" = good acting of a mentally challenged person

"Riding the Bus with my Sister" = O'Donnell being retarded and HILARIOUS!!!

Prediction of Dunst = HILARIOUS!!!