Thursday, March 8, 2007

Drew wishes she was still small

Hi Guys! Remember me! I was that little girl you wanted to do the deed with when you were watching E.T. as a child! Okay, maybe you didn't want to do me when I was in E.T., but you definitely considered it after you saw my boobies in "Mad Love". Well, I'm all grown up now! But even though, I'm over 30, I'll still dress up as a child when you bone me to fulfill that pedophile fetish you are ever so embarrassed about! Look at me with this gigantic bear!

How delightfully naughty I am! I bet I'd give you dudes a boner if it all my whoring around in the 80's & 90's wasn't so well known. want me to hold this picture over my face while you do me?

Well...allllriiight! You obviously get where I was trying to go with this! Let me call Cameron and we'll get this party started! She'll play Elliot, and you have to dress up as E.T. - sorry, that's just how I roll.



Mindy said...


The one with the bear looks questionable. And I think we can guess what I'm questioning.

Anonymous said...

She has pockets in her dress.........

- Andrea