Friday, March 30, 2007

Dita Von Teese: Small Wonder

Dita Von Teese is pretty in that "Don't you wish all strippers looked like this" way, but she looks like a porcelain robot - and I don't appreciate that one bit. There is only one face she can make, and its the one picture above. When she tries to talk, she looks like she's in excruciating pain:

Or at least that's how I imagine Dita in excruciating pain to look like. It's kind of hard to imagine what any sort of emotion might look like on someone who clearly has no muscles in her face. Look at this picture of her with an old Asian lady -

It is a proven fact that Asians are an emotionless kind, but that cute old Asian lady has more feeling in her pinky than Dita has in her entire body. You know why? Because this bitch is a [Michigan bred] robot. She's luring all y'all in with her looks and then she will destroy us all. How else can you explain her marriage to Manson? Only a robot with no feeling emotionally or otherwise would let him put his peen in her.



Jellybean Sunshine said...

when i see a face full of botox injections, i like to sing madonna's "express yourself"

ray said...

i cant believe she is from rochester. first madonna then dita - they raise them good in my home town.

Anonymous said...

If she is a robot, do you think her creator graced her with a metal vag? I wonder if fembots can have orgasms. I would imagine that Marilyn would have a hard time climaxing any sort of woman considering most of his partners are probably crying during insertion. Also, he is what I think of when the term "she-bone" is thrown about.

- Andrea