Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Did you ever see that episode of "Who's The Boss"?

Do you remember that episode of Who's the Boss where Tony and Sam are both vying for the same job as a baseball announcer? Sam & Tony both have to improvise when the camera pans to the sky, and Tony lies about how Sam was born on a baseball diamond, while all Sam can muster is "Let's just sit back, and let the picture tell the story"? NO? YOU DON'T REMEMBER THAT EPISODE? WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU WATCHING FROM 1984-1992? Well, needless to say, Tony got the job, but I like Sam's style and will ask you, dear readers, to sit back and let the picture tell the story when it comes to Toni Braxton and her corny toes:


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Paula Abdul said...

Methinks those are not corns, they are light reflections on her toes from the gemstone shiny-stuff on her shoes. Disappointing.