Wednesday, March 14, 2007

David Beckham is Brutally Hot

I was going to let The Gay have the honor of posting these ridiculously hot pictures of David Beckham, but my she-bone will wait no longer. Whenever people go on about how hot David Beckham is, I always think "Yes, he is hot." as more of a statement of fact. He is hot, I understand and agree with that statement. But then these pictures come out and now I truly understand the power of his hotttness. You want me to murder a puppy, David Beckham? If it gets me one step closer to your undeniable hot self, consider that puppy murdered. Here are a couple more, then go here, regardless of your sexual orientation or gender. Beckham's hotness transcends all boundaries.


gdaysunshine said...

Yes, I agree...he's a hottie. Yum!

david beckham's love slave said...

Nummy, likey

Jellybean Sunshine said...

what the HELL are those yellow THINGS in her HAIR! i swear to GOD!