Thursday, March 8, 2007

Can Someone Please Explain?

After a long night of pale skinned partying, all the while managing not to change her clothes once in 3 days, Kirsten Dunst realizes that her and her frat boys are out of condoms! That's what happens when you let some Hawaiian douchebags bang you six ways from Sunday. Kirsten and Tab decide to scrounge through the garbage to find a used condom that they can re-use. Just rinse that shit out first! Way to Go Green, Kirsten!

Anyone else got a different idea as to what the hell is going on here? Leave your the comments! Ew, and put some shoes on Kirsten!


Anne said...

She is SO nast!

Adrienne said...

Kirsten: Hey, hold this bag open for me.
Dude: What are you looking for?
Kirsten: I swear I saw someone throw away a...yep, there it is!
*puts on white tank top, tucks into jordache shorts, begins waving her arms in the air, waving them like she just don't care.