Thursday, March 1, 2007

Brangelina already have an Asian.

Popbytes has provided this little scoop from Star Magazine, claiming that Brad & Angelina are not adopting a baby from Vietnam. I could have told you that. They already have one Asian baby, why would they need another? I'm hoping they adopt an albino. It would be the only hottt albino in existence, and it would only be hottt because of its proximity to its new parents. But maybe I'm just hoping for that because I think I might be an albino. I mean, again, look at my picture to the right. Angelina, if I am albino, will you adopt me? And can I shower with you and Brad? That's what families do, right?

EDIT: YOU A-HOLES STAR MAGAZINE! Everyone in the world is reporting that Brad & Angelina filed adoption papers in Vietnam, meaning they've made the poor decision to adopt another Asian instead of me. F U Brangelina! Unless you want to make me your 5th child...then I still love you even if you like Asians more than me.

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Jellybean Sunshine said...

i can testify that girl #1 is an albino. i lived through several hot summers with her and she never browned.