Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bono needs a real job.

Every one's favorite (I actually would say hated) humanitarian and ambassador for the Africans has earned himself knighthood.
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Sir Bono apparently doesn't get full rights and privileges that other Knights get because he is from Ireland and not a citizen of Britain. Well, good for you Bono. Now, in addition to writing stupid songs and strictly using your popularity in the music world, you can tell everyone they should help the AIDS victims in Africa because you will cut them with your knight sword if they don't. Frankly, I think that would work better.
And also, if I had lots of money, believe me, I would help the AIDS victims, but I don't have lots of money, I barely have any. But you do, "Sir"... so why don't you quit bugging the rest of us poor folk and just shell out some of your own damn money. Or, here's a thought, take half of the money per outrageously overpriced U2 concert tickets and give that to the Africans. And stop making music while you're at it.


1 comment:

jambles said...

i hate bono. i loathe him. i wonder how much he paid for those hideous sunglasses i would like to wipe clean off his altruistic mug. douche.